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The Downtown Bus Terminal - Orlando, Florida, USA.

The Downtown Bus Terminal spans a total of 210'-0". This structure was designed to house the buses from the intense heat of the sun and the many afternoon showers that are a way of life in the Florida city of Orlando. Situated in the heart of the Downtown area it has serviced the citizens of this beautiful city since 1986. The design of this fabulous structure was awarded national recognition for its outstanding Architectural and Structural significance. The project was featured on National and International magazines and it received a design award from the Florida Association of the Florida Institute of Architects. The Farach Group redesigned the project after the work of another consulting firm proved too expensive and had “shelved” the project. A visit to the architects’ office sparked my interest after viewing the beautiful Architectural Model. “…Hey Keith”, I said to the President of Architects Design Group in Winter Springs, Florida – “How come you didn’t let me give you a fee for this project?” Keith looked at me and said…”I think the project is dead…the cost is too high” "Huh!...how about letting me take a stab at it?” I said... “Sure, go ahead Gene…but, I am not too optimistic!” Two weeks later I had reworked the framing arrangement and the rest is history…the new cost came in 25% under and the structure was built”

The Architectural Model...

...An Award Winning Design

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