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The structural use of Light-Gauge metal framing has brought me astonishing new structural framing possibilities. The use of structural steel such as pipe, wide flanges, and tubes in unison with this unique material has allowed me the opportunity to create designs that have resulted in economical and useful alternatives to the more common standard wood framing. The design of trusses, curtain wall systems, structural roofs, and many other structural arrangements has given way to a fresh look at structural solutions friendly to the environment and kind to natural resources; light-Gauge is a recyclable material.

The projects shown here is a collage of trussed framing, walls, and framing with assembly amenities more familiar to steel construction…but, at a much lesser weigh and with a much greater strength to weigh ratio when compared to conventional wood framing. Light Gauge engineering became one of the specialties that created the signature of The Farach Group and brought us expert recognition in this unique market. Later I would teach "Light-Gauge Engineering" at Montana State University.

"Double Click to See Drawings..."

"Double Click to See Drawings..."



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