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Personal Résumé in PDF Format

As a Student of Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology...

"...School's Design Samples!"
Back in 1981 I came across a catalog from Westlawn Institute of Technology. It was a thin catalog with a couple of pictures and a curriculum that seemed to parallel my own engineering studies. I put this catalog away within a rather large book I’ve had for many years, titled “The History of Ships”. Last November I visited with this book and as I openned it to view the many colorful pictures within it the subject catalog dropped to the floor… I searched the Internet for Westlawn and found it! Today I am an enrolled student in the Yacht Design program and having a grand time.


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Student Member of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects... 

Nationally accredited and internationally recognized, the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology has been producing skilled yacht designers, many of whom have become leaders in the industry, for over 75 years. Since 1930 the Westlawn School of Yacht Design has been providing the education necessary for anyone with the drive and desire to become a practicing yacht designer. Although the school is a leader in teaching computer aided design, it is also committed to ensuring that students gain solid traditional skills.

As the not-for-profit educational affiliate of the American Boat and Yacht Council, Westlawn's primary function is to assure a continual source of highly skilled yacht designers to the industry. In fact, a significant portion of the world's yacht designers are Westlawn trained.

The school is approved by the Department of Higher Education of the State of Connecticut and nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council which is listed by the US Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Westlawn is also listed as a recognized institution by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.


...And I am not a stranger in the kitchen!

"Paella Valenciana"

My father was quite a culinary enthusiast. Whenever he was in the kitchen experimenting with new dishes across cultures I was there…dicing the onions, bell peppers, celery, carrots…“The Trinity”. I had my own knives and cutting board. These had been a gift from my Dad…he was always very encouraging; consequently, cooking became for me a relaxing activity to come home to at the end of a busy day at the office. Preparing the evening meal became a time to share quiet moments with my family and a time to visit with my children...to ask how the day went and to share with them as my father did with me.

Today I find myself immersed in many gastronomic adventures. Studying the culinary habits of cultures across Europe, Middle East, the Orient, Latin America, and others…for me, this is a very rewarding experience and it helps maintain the continuity of family traditions…and my wife does not have to cook!


...Or on Stage!

Murder at Mamma Morreli's - At Todd Performing Arts Center, Chesapeake College, Maryland

Mamma Morreli's was a murder mystery dinner show designed to bring fun and laughter to an economically contributing dinning audience. The setting was Chesapeake College on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the actors, all volunteers, were both members of the faculty and other folks just wanting to contribute to the college. The funds filled the coffers of the Drama department and provided for scholarships.

I played the part of "Sergio"...a loveable rather hard endulging in the ammenities of too much "vino"...but, all in fun of course. The kitchen was managed by the Cast and with limited experience we managed to feed many happy contributing customers.



...And the Food wasn't bad...either!!!

The Cast of Murder at Mamma Morreli's - The Peake Player of Chesapeake College



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