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The Bus Terminal Downtown Orlando, Florida, USA.

Long spans and acrobatic framing brings out the spirit of creativeness. The original project was overbudgeted and its reality seemed doomed. The Farach Group took the project over and the original 35% overrun became 25% underrun!

After the project was constructed The Farach Group and the other professionals on the project were featured on various Architectural and Construction magazines. These are but two of them; Modern Steel Construction, a US publication and Architecture Japan an international magazine published in Tokyo, Japan...


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The Twelveth International Specialty Conference on Cold Formed Steel Structures

Light-Gauge Engineering is a recent structural specialty. The market has required lighter structural solutions with the advantage of strength. Light-Gauge metal framing has been used for interior applications divorced from substantial loads. The usage of this material to construct exterior curtain walls framing and other structural applications are unfolding as a viable structural alternative. This article and its presentation at the Twelfth International Conference of Cold Formed Structures outlined the perils, opportunities and challenges that this transitional time offers the market. Issues of responsibilities, construction methods, and economics, new research required and general engineering practice were among the highlights of the article and its presentation.

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Old meets New in Orlando

This project and the usage of Light-Gauge metal framing to construct the perimeter roof framing and the dormers exemplified the structural acrobatics available to the structural engineer when his imagination allows for thoughts outside the box! The roof of the building was flat and framed with bar joists while the perimeter displayed an architectural façade that was attractive bringing value to prospective renters.

Engineering - Art or Science?

When I think of great engineers who have left a legacy of innovative design ideas, and have challenged our imagination beyond our possible expectations – I must turn to Leonardo da Vinci. Not a single person in history can be considered to have been a greater contributor to our contemplation of the relationship between Art and Science. What is Art and what is Science? How do these apparently distant areas of human endeavor interface with each other? Do they? If so, how do they reveal themselves to us? The dictionary defines Science as: Exact knowledge, well reasoned about a subject based on its principles and causes. The dictionary defines Art as: Desirable quality, power, efficiency, the ability to do something well. Now, if we integrate these definitions, namely that the ability to reason utilizing knowledge on a subject based on its principles and causes as we efficiently, powerfully and with much virtue apply it to a process as we seek to resolve something well . . . can we call this engineering?

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I remember my father’s words vividly; “…if you want anything out of this life you have to get an education!” I can still see his eyes filled with pride as if his mission to communicate this to me perpetuated a legacy of many generations. “…You need to have good work ethics and do your very best every time”. This was basic language at home and I remember hearing the same echo while visiting with many of my immigrant friends as well. We came to the US from Cuba by way of Spain…my parents and my younger sister…this was forty two years ago.

It was part of our cultural tradition for our parents to drill into us the concept of hard work, impeccable work ethics, family values, and individual freedom. “…be free to choose and be your own man…be a good citizen and take care of your family…be a good son, husband and father…respect others, be kind, believe in God and don’t forget…ladies first.” These were words that to this day I treasure for they forged my character into adulthood and sealed the manner in which my life’s actions would unfold.

This is my heritage. I carry it with me wherever I go paired with the wisdom that it embraces which has evolved through the ages from a date far back in human recorded activities. We who share the Spanish culture have a unique history. Hispanics, as we are called today on this continent, share a common origin as old as man himself. The caves of “Altamira” in Spain carbon dated to 15,500 years ago show the hands of our ancestors, frozen in time, depicting their desire to record on stone episodes of interest in their lives showing their artistic talents appreciated even today.

Our language is a derivative of Latin, rich with history and spoken by a very large percentage of people today. Our music beats sounds that invite the human spirit to celebrate the joys of being alive. Our cuisine, rich in diversity is eaten today by the populous as if it is a “new cultural discovery” even though for us it is the food of many generations…indeed this is our heritage and it is strong, permanent, and valuable.

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